Red Kettle Campaign

The Salvation Army as a whole is best known for its red kettles and bell ringers.Public contributions to The Salvation Army kettles enable The Salvation Army State College Corps to continue its year-round efforts to helping those whose in emergency/crisis situations and those needing help through Salvation Army programs. The volunteer bell ringer is crucial to this fundraising effort.

In addition to the traditional kettle outside local business listed below are other types of Kettles volunteers, organizations and businesses can participate in. Donations from these types of kettles are used in the same manner.

We Are the Kettles Campaign

Local organizations form teams to fundraise during the months leading up to Christmas and schedule days to bell ring at the Red Kettle. Money Raised in combined

Online Red Kettle?

You've seen our red kettles out in front of the stores, right? Well, this is your own personal kettle – a way for you to help those in need by raising donations through email and social networking.

What Types of Online Red Kettles are being offered?
Personal Kettles – Host your own Salvation Army Online Red Kettle by customizing your own Red Kettle page. Then invite others via e-mail to fill your Kettle with secure online donations.

Team Kettles –Civic groups, church groups and other organizations can host an online Team Kettle. A Team Kettle also allows individual team members to host their own Personal Kettles, contributing to the team's fundraising goals and tally on an individual basis.

Company Kettles – Any company can host an online Company Kettle. The amount of money collected in your Kettle will be reflected on your Company Kettle page in real time. A link to your online Company Kettle will automatically be provided. This link can then be included on a company Internet/intranet site or email blast to employees, vendors, customers and so on.


Direct Mail

Although direct mail solicitation contributes the largest portion of funds to our assistance budget, it is likely the least visible to the community. Your generosity directly impacts our ability to serve Centre County, PA.


Corporate & Foundational Grants

The Salvation Army is periodically supported by local and regional grants. The local Corps is always exploring other grant opportunities in the area.

Estate Planning

Your estate plan is a written record that conveys your property, responsibilities, values, and beliefs in an orderly and thoughtful way to those you trust and wish to honor. The Salvation Army stands ready to help you convey your legacy of love for family, friends, church and charities.

Other Fundraisers

Koats-4-Kids – New and gently used donated coats help young children, teens, and adults, stay warm during the cold winter months. Watch for announcements in early November, to know where to drop off your new or gently used winter coats. New hats, gloves, and scarf apparel are also collected.

Benefit Concerts – Area churches have at times collaborated to sponsor a musical concert to benefit The Salvation Army. These events are used to offset such basic needs as client heating bills, oil costs or other client needs.